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The Holy Ghost talk for a LDS Baptism

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

I have a college degree in educating children with special needs which supposes that I have some skills to teach small people. However, very quickly into my student teaching it was clear that I'm more comfortable, talented, and happy teaching teenagers than grade school kids. The amount of high-pitched praise I was dishing out to little kids on the daily gave me a headache, but the awkwardness of pre-teens and teens kept me entertained throughout the day.

Understanding this, it's not a stretch to think that an invitation to speak at a baptism isn't my most favorite thing. I will always say yes and do it because I'm a "yes person", but trying to come up with a cute object lesson or story that doesn't gag me with sappiness is a little stressful.

Imagine my delight when I attended a recent baptism where the Grandma of the sweety pie being baptized used the most charming book to teach about the Holy Ghost and in the end gifted her with a beautiful, cozy blanket that like the Holy Ghost "wraps you in a warm and comforting feeling when you are sad or need a friend."

Easy. Entertaining for all ages. Beautifully written and illustrated and available online, or at a local Deseret Book. And, perfect for this simpleton.

Also, the book has two versions. One illustrated with a boy and the other, like the one pictured, for a girl.

I've said it before, make it simple. Simple is beautiful, stress free and allows for all involved to concentrate on the really important: eternal, saving ordinances, family relationships, and showing love to the precious child being baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

And the food. Always allow time and effort and concentration for the food. Who wants simple food after wrangling their family to get church-dress ready on a Sat morning?

Picture of 3 girls advertising white baptism dresses

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