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The Most Simple LDS Baptism Brunch Ever

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

I wouldn't call myself a minimalist, well because let's be honest, I'm an American middle class mom who loves fashion, home decor, and staying on trend. But, maybe I'd say I'm a simplest? My closet and those of my husband and children are filled with simple, plain clothes with my daughter talking me into an occasional sequin something. My house is decorated in white, gray, tan and warm woods. Also, I have a red front door that has been on the "repaint" list since we moved in.

And so, you can imagine that any party I throw is simple as well, including a baptism brunch. It gets even simpler when said party is scheduled 4 weeks after moving your entire household.

Brunch prep went a little like this.

I purchased a white bouquet of flowers from Costco which was arranged for the table centerpiece. I bought mini chocolate and white powder donuts which I had my children stab onto wooden skewers to make an "8" and we arranged those in a couple mason jars filled with white rocks I purchased from the Walmart craft section. Those were placed on either side of the flowers and on other tables. And, Wa-la! Simple LDS baptism party decor for 25 bucks. Cups were clear, plates were white, and food was awesome.

As far as food goes, I wanted to provide everything so that family and friends didn't have to worry about bringing anything but excitement for my daughter. I understand that asking for help makes sense and most people don't mind helping, but whenever possible I prefer to just do it myself. Control freak? Maybe.

And so, day before, I assembled breakfast casseroles - egg and sausage, and french toast bake. I asked neighbors not attending the baptism if they wouldn't mind baking them that morning. I wrapped them in tin foil and wrote the baking instructions on the foil. I left my doors unlocked Saturday morning (yea, I'm that person) and asked them to walk them over when they were done.

I prepped a bunch of fresh fruit the night before. Juice, milk, chocolate milk and ice water for drink. Some local bakery donuts that I sent my husband out to buy because who doesn't want a donut after french toast casserole and chocolate milk. (Oh and if you don't, then I don't think we can be friends.) The kids, of course, just helped themselves to the "8" donut skewers.

Certainly nothing fancy, but that's the way we like it. It was a special, memorable day filled with family, love, and laughing. Couldn't ask for anything better.

Picture of 3 girls advertising white baptism dresses

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