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The 3 Bears: Easiest LDS Talk on Baptism

If you haven't come across the "3 Bears" LDS talk on baptism yet, let me be the first to introduce it to you. It's pretty cute and pretty basic and a win with kids and adults.

FreeVerce "Greta" Dress

The 3 BEARS of Baptism


I'd like to tell you a story about 3 bears and it's probably not the story you are thinking about. The 3 bears I'm going to talk about will hopefully always remind you of the baptism covenants you are making today. A covenant is just a fancy word for promise with God.

1st BEAR - Bear the name of Jesus Christ

When we are baptized we make a promise to Heavenly Father that we will take on the name of Christ. We will be called a Christian. Just like you have the name of your father and mother and belong to their family, you now have the title of "Christian" and you belong to Heavenly Father's eternal family.

2nd BEAR - Bear one another's burdens

As members of Christ's church we also promise to bear one another's burdens which means serving other people. It means that we help each other with work that needs to be done, or sit with people who are lonely or sad so that they don't feel alone.

3rd BEAR - Bear testimony

Lastly, when we become members of Christ's church we promise to always bear our testimonies about Him. This means that we live our lives so that people will know that we are Christians who love and care about others, and believe that Jesus Christ is real.


When we are baptized and make these promises to Heavenly Father, He promises something in return. He promises to send the Holy Ghost to always be with us and Heavenly Father NEVER breaks a promise.

Unfortunately, because we are living in such a difficult world, all of us will break a promise with Heavenly Father. He knows this and He loves us anyway. He has given us the sacrament to take every Sunday so that we can renew our promises again and again and again.


FreeVerce "Greta" dress

And that's basically it. Change wording

that doesn't work for you and be sure to share a genuine and simple testimony at the end of your talk. Bonus - it's probably shorter than 5 minutes which is great for a potentially nervous child with a short attention span, and also appreciated by friends and family who have given time and effort to support your child.

When my daughter was baptized, her Grandma gave this little talk and presented her with a giant gray teddy bear that she still sleeps with 2 years later.

I think it would also be cute to pull out 3 different little bears to represent each "bear."

After the baptism service, you could also incorporate Gummy Bears, Cinnamon Bears, or Chocolate Cinnamon Bears. Everyone appreciates candy.

Picture of 3 girls advertising white baptism dresses

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