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The Flip Flop LDS Talk on Baptism That Will Stick

Other popular LDS talks on baptism use cute acronyms to help children try to remember their covenants. Although helpful, it's easy to imagine that without regular revisiting of the acronym, children (and adults) still forget.

It's my hope that this "Flip Flop" metaphor is a bit more sticky in helping children remember that whenever they "flip" away from their covenants, they can always "flop" back to the peace that Heavenly Father gives through the Holy Ghost.

Flip Flops with Rainbows
Baptism Sandals


Today is a very special day and I'm so honored to talk to you and your family about the baptism covenant.

To begin, I want you to understand that the word "covenant" is just a fancy word for a promise between you and God. By being baptized, you are showing that you are making a new promise.

Let's talk about what you are promising and what Heavenly Father promises you in return.


Remember: First, Heavenly Father asks that we always remember Him. He wants us to think about Him throughout our lives and remember to always talk to Him through prayers and council with Him about what's happening in our lives.

Become: Second, as members of Christ's church we promise to take Christ's name upon us and become like him.

Becoming like Jesus means we bear one another's burdens. We help each other with work that needs to be done, sit with people who are lonely so that they don't feel alone, or walk next to someone who is sad.

Keep: And Third, Heavenly Father asks all his children to keep His commandments. He has set up some rules and laws to follow and wants us to do our very best.

So what does Heavenly Father promise in return?


If we work our very best at keeping our covenants Heavenly Father promises to bless our lives and send the Holy Ghost to always be with us.

But, keeping all the commandments and trying to remember Heavenly Father all the time can be a challenging thing to do.

Not a single person you know does it perfectly. Thankfully, we can repent. God has given us the sacrament that we can take every week to make us clean again, just like you will be made clean today in the water.


Childs Feet and Flip Flops
Sometimes you flip off the path. Don't worry, you can always flop back on.

I've brought you a gift that can help you remember your promises. These are special baptism flip flops and I want to explain to you how they can help you remember your baptism promises.

When we make a mistake or forget to keep our promises it's a little like we "flip" off the straight and narrow path that leads back to Heavenly Father. If we "flip" away too many times it can become hard to find the path again.

Thankfully, Heavenly Father has given us a way to "flop" back onto His path. Every time we take the sacrament we renew our promises with Him and "flop" closer to the path He wants us to stay on in order to live with Him someday.


Your flip-flops make fun and loud sounds. Every time you hear your flip flops, think of hopping back on the path Heavenly Father wants you to be on.

Dirt path through forest of trees

Before closing your talk with an Amen, share your genuine testimony and please don't read it. Don't say anything you don't honestly believe or know to be true and look into the eyes of the people you love to convey your true feelings. This is hard for many to do, but I feel strongly that it pays off for the one testifying and also for those that are needing to feel the spirit.

I think this visual of flipping and flopping off the straight and narrow can be a helpful tool for children and adults to understand that this process of becoming better is ongoing. That throughout our lives, it is expected that we will "flip" and we will "flop." Heavenly Father knew that we would and He is merciful and loving enough to provide a way back to Him.

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