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Fun Kit Kat LDS Talk on Baptism

This is not my idea for a LDS talk on baptism, but the idea is so cute, so simple and so easy that I had to share.

basket of Kit Kat flavor varieties


Today is a very special day and I'm so honored to have been asked to talk to you and your family about the baptism covenant. To begin, I want you to understand that the word "covenant" is just a fancy word for a promise between you and God and that by being baptized you are agreeing to these promises, or covenants.

To help you remember these promises I've brought with me a visual that you can take with you.


Now, a simple king sized candy bar with a bow is cute, adequate, and enough. BUT, if you have enough time for shipment...

Head over to Amazon and search Kit Kat for fun flavors and put together a cute basket or box with all the novel flavors. Throw in some regular, king and /or fun size to make this gift as big or as little as you'd like. Hershey's website also offers a couple out of the ordinary flavors, but I found more fun and foreign options on Amazon.

OR, if you are an anti-candy person there are some fun and cute Kit Kat blankets, shirts, sweatshirts, toys, mugs, socks, and more.


To explain the promises you will make with Heavenly Father I'm going to use the letters in "KAT" to help you always remember what the baptism covenant is all about.

FIRST - Keep His Commandments

Heavenly Father asks all his children to keep His commandments and in exchange He will bless us. Keeping all the commandments can be a challenging thing to do, but I promise that peace and happiness can come from making the choice to keep the commandments.

SECOND - Always remember Him

How does someone "always remember" something? This can be a tricky thing to do. Heavenly Father would like for us to promise that throughout our lives we will always think about Him and about our eternal life.

There are many ways to do this. Having pictures of Heavenly Father and Jesus in our rooms and our home can help us remember Him. Building a habit of daily prayer and scripture reading can help us always remember Heavenly Father. Going to church every week and taking the sacrament can also help us remember Him.

THIRD - Take His name upon us

When we are baptized we make a promise to Heavenly Father that we will take on the name of Christ. We will be called a Christian. Just like you have the name of your father and mother and belong to their family, you now have the title of "Christian" and you belong to Heavenly Father's eternal family.


When we are baptized and make these promises to Heavenly Father, He promises something in return. He promises to send the Holy Ghost to always be with us and Heavenly Father NEVER breaks a promise.

Unfortunately, because we are living in such a difficult world, all of us will break a promise with Heavenly Father. He knows this and He loves us anyway. He has given us the sacrament to take every Sunday so that we can renew our promises again and again and again.


Before closing your talk share your genuine testimony and please don't read it. Don't say anything you don't honestly believe or know to be true and look into the eyes of the people you love to convey your true feelings. This is hard for many to do, but I feel strongly that it pays off for the one testifying and also for those that are needing to feel the spirit.

Kit Kat printable

If you are feeling crafty and/or are a person who shows love through giving, consider this cute pdf printout available to print here for free.

They can be cheaply printed 4 to a page and given to all who are attending with a mini fun-sized Kit Kat.

And that's it! This talk is short, simple and fun for all ages. And if you're like me, I always pay attention for chocolate.

Picture of 3 girls advertising white baptism dresses

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