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10 Quotes From Kids sure to put a Smile on your Face

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

If you're a parent, I'm certain you have stories of hilarious things your kids have done and said over the years. I hope you have written them down.

If you have been a church primary teacher, you have likely been witness to some pretty funny interpretations of gospel stories, scriptural information and personal family information which you promptly come home to laugh about with your spouse. Likely though, you have not written them down.

And so, for the sake of a smile and a giggle on this rainy spring day, I have taken some time to share with you a small collection of laugh-worthy primary quotes. Enjoy!

Awesome, 5 years-old and already a Satan worshiper.


And all Elle's dreams came true in 2019!! Thank you President Nelson.


I'm sure Jesus loved all the pirates, but..... um, anyone else?


Thankfully betrothing primary kids isn’t a thing at our church. Phew!


Not what I was lookin' for, but yes Carson, we do have to die.


Huh. Well maybe, lets go with Casper.


Get it? Heerom?


Ah come on!! I can't be old enough to find this funny.


Well, you better tell Satan to stop because you are the one getting grounded. Jus sayin.


And a dozen high-5's were silently sent across the congregation.


I know that funny things are said by primary kids every single week. Lets hear what you got in the comments below.

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