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Why I'm Making LDS Baptism Dresses

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Three girls wearing LDS Baptism Dresses

Last year my only daughter turned 8 and we were preparing for her LDS baptism. We met with Primary leaders, collected ideas for “8 themed” finger foods and started shopping for a white baptism dress to celebrate the day.

All shops, boutiques and even the Internet could offer me were white dresses that looked like miniature wedding or prom dresses. I wanted a dress that was more acceptable for regular Sunday services as well as baptism day.

A little less froo-froo for the typical Sunday meetings so that we could get a little more wear out of it without looking like she was a flower girl miss-placed in Sunday School.

I was hating the options, and in the end Grandma sewed up something we all loved. Here is a picture of my daughter in her white dress after her baptism, on a snowy January day.

Family Picture after LDS Baptism

It occurred to me that I’m likely not the only mom disappointed with the white dress options for our 8-year-old girls. With a little research and A LOT of emails back and forth to manufacturers, I designed the first white dresses for FreeVerce.

The main image of this post is a photo shoot of my daughter and her friends wearing the LDS baptism dresses I designed. We are launching in September 2018 and I hope you like them!

Picture of 3 girls advertising white baptism dresses

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