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My Favorite Gifts for LDS Baptism

Most of us aren't attending baptisms like we used to and likely won't be for a little longer. It can be hard to show support to our friends and family while just logging into a zoom baptism.

Although gift giving is not necessary or essential for a baptism to be a beautiful and meaningful experience, gift giving is also a love language. It can be a token of sacrifice and sentiment that is felt as love.

If you'd like to get your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, cousin, friend, or anyone in-between something to remember this day by, consider the following ideas.


If I'm being honest, I haven't liked much of what Deseret Book has to offer as designs for young girls. A little too many ruffles, silly prints, and in some cases, a bit cartoonish for my taste. However, these floral cases from DaySpring speak to me. Purchase these for $24.00 HERE.


These cute flip flops can be given for your baptized girl to wear after coming out of the water as well as all summer long. See our blog post about Baptism where you can use flip flops to teach children to remember that whenever they "flip" away from their covenants, they can always "flop" back to the peace that Heavenly Father gives through the Holy Ghost. Purchase these Rainbow flip flops for $18.00 HERE.


There are TONS of options for cute baptism related jewelry out there on the Internet. Again, much of it is too silly and cartoonish for my taste. I love these simple charm pieces and wear them myself. Both can be purchased in rose gold, gold, or silver (Rhodium coating). Cost ranges from $30-$37 and they can be purchased HERE.


A gratitude journal is a great gift for all ages. I particularly like the design of this book. Inside is the most simple layout and each week includes a floral graphic that can be colored. The image is small and simple enough to finish within 10 mins which is a great amount of time for reflection, meditation and relaxation. I love this little book. You can purchase it for $18.00 HERE.


These are the sweetest pencils for any occasion, with statements like "GOD LOVES YOU," "GIVE THANKS ALWAYS," "LOVE ONE ANOTHER," and other faith related sayings. The colors are adorable and I just love everything about them including the price of $5.99. They can be purchased HERE.

I've never been a fan of gifts just for the sake of gifting. Please keep your dollar store trinket that I will toss in the trash next week. But, these are all so useful for more than just Baptism day.

If you're feeling the need to show love and support, consider something that is useful, simple and adorable.

Picture advertisement of 3 girls selling white baptism dresses

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